True Love Conquers Legends

This is a home demo of a song that is of a very personal nature. I demo’ed it during the Sacred Weapon sessions and wanted to share it with you. It's one of my first compositions on bottleneck guitar, the bottle neck acoustic and lead vocal is a live studio performance, hope you enjoy it.

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a great Bad Boy he was a King Lover he gave four daughters to her mother
always leaving , living barroom stories a haunting legend in their mind
chasing the winter wind in Arizona the ghost of Tom Joad in her head
a sadness stopped her and she was sobbing tears and sweat on her freckled neck
I kissed that nectar hugged her from behind she laid her arms on top of mine
washed in a peace I knew I'd never find I discover

true love conquers Legends . . .

he tatooed her soul with loss and grit she refuses to drown in that deep "what if"
'cause love's exploding out her pores she scars in battle and wins the wars
hearts all walls and she keeps finding doors we discover

true love conquers Legends . . .