July 28, 2017

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all in good health and spirits.  I've been home enjoying time with Amy, Dylan our dogs and friends.

I've been writing some new songs slowly but surely and hope later this year I'll have enough songs I like to  start planning the recording process. There's also a few I wrote with the great Lou Reed that never saw the light of day and it's exciting to get those in shape to record and share.  Sure miss Lou and his gifts.

We also videotaped another Blind Date Jam which we hope to have ready in the coming months. There's a full descriptionon the Blind Date Jam page at the website with the first one we did years ago. The theme is: musicians get together for a jam with no homework or advance discussions of what they'll play. I lead us through riffs and songs we've never played together and you get a rough, reckless, inspired jam with the players that we hope you'll enjoy. More details to come as we get it ready for you. Amy produced it with me and also put together a beautiful set for us to play on. We filmed it at Cattletrack Galleries which our wonderful neighbor Janie Ellis kindly let us use. Lots of great, local help made it happen.

We hope to get back to my live shows later this year into next year. We know we have some cancelled concerts to make up and we so appreciate your patience and understanding.

What a mad, crazy time on our beautiful planet. Please hang in there and take care of yourselves. I'll plan to stay more in touch.

As always, Amy and I are so grateful for your support and interest in the music and our collective journey working to make our planet a better, safer place, together, for all. 

Peace and Believe to all,  Nils


March 17, 2017

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all in good health and spirits. Just back from wonderful E
run in Australia and New Zealand. Such warm, kind crowds and
towns to visit and play for. Loved it. So honored to play with Bruce and E

And of course, beyond thrilled to get home to Amy, Dylan and our dog
packs. This being my 49th year on the road, singing and playing for people everywhere, it all takes on a deeper meaning, the work and the

As always, Amy stepped up and cared for our home and dogs brilliantly
with great love and care. I'm so blessed and honored to be with her.
I'm hoping to write my next solo album this year and have some ideas for
the website, too. We will keep you all posted.

Thanks for the continued interest, kindness and support you all keep
showing us. We are very grateful.

Crazy times here and around the world. I believe if we all keep living with
our love and compassion out front, we can heal our collective selves and
the planet.

So take care and stay strong everybody. We all need each other. We'll stay in touch.

Peace and Believe, Nils


Dec. 16, 2016

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all in good health and spirits. Amy and I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and safe, healing New Year. Tall order though it may be, if we all let our love, kindness, light and compassion shine through, I believe we can collectively make it happen.

Below are 3 Christmas Carols we've recorded for charity over the years that we hope you will enjoy.

We're grateful to be at home with our son and dogs and wonderful friends.

Sure hope you all have a safe holiday.

I'm excited for the E St Australia run coming up, also. Should be great.
Here's to Peace on Earth and a healing planet. All people, all our beautiful animals, all life.

Peace and Believe, Nils n Amy L

O Holy Night

Silent Night

Do You Hear What I Hear


Nov. 7, 2016

Hello everyone, hope you're all in good health and spirits. Amy and I are enjoying being together at home with family, our dogs and local community.

What a great E Street year this was. Thanks to all for showing up. It can't happen without you and every crowd was amazing.

As I was born in Chicago, big congrats to Chicago Cubs on incredible
comeback and win in World Series. Beautiful.

Amy and I send our best wishes and thanks to you all.

Peace and Believe, Nils

PS - check the store in the coming weeks for a few holiday sale items.


Oct. 4, 2016

Due to a totally unexpected need for surgery this November, Nils Lofgren has been informed by his doctors that he will be unable to perform from surgery onward for the remainder of the year. Nils and Amy express their deepest regrets at having to miss these rescheduled tour dates, especially to all his fans and the venues that have gone through two, unavoidable cancellations.

Nils and Amy thanks you all for your unwavering support and appreciate the well wishes from all.


July 26, 2016

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all in good health and spirits. Our 3 month, European E Street run of shows is almost complete. Fantastic audiences everywhere, band as good as ever, and Amy with me these last 7 weeks. Such blessings. What an extraordinary, musical experience. Honored and grateful.

Hopefully, home safe next week for a breather before U.S. Shows. Amy and I can't wait to see our dogs and be home. Drive a car, enjoy Amy's spectacular home cooking, get coffee from our corner store, not pack, all the familiar things that go away on the road.

Just announced the first of some makeup solo shows of mine, coming up in November, December. We will post other dates at website soon. Hope to schedule other makeup shows next year as time permits.

Amy and I thank all of you for the extraordinary support and commitment to the Sacred Weapon of music we all get to participate in, band and audience. It doesn't happen without you all.

Peace and Believe, Nils


April 28, 2016

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all in good health in spirits. I'm just home after completing the U.S. leg of the River tour with E Street. It's been wonderful and the
audiences have been so great to play for. We all thank you.

To be home for more than a night for the first time this year is a real gift,
also. I'm loving some time with Amy and our lovely dog pack before long, Europe tour begins.

As Amy and I continue to express in our tweets, Facebook, etc., we remain devastated at Prince's passing. A monumental loss of epic proportions. We saw Prince in Phoenix a number of years ago and it was as great a concert as we've ever seen. What a global treasure of God given talent he was. His Spirit and Music will certainly live on, still, we grieve with our planet and will all miss him.

At our last two, Brooklyn shows, we played Purple Rain to honor Prince.
After the soundcheck, where we played through it a few times, working out parts and harmonies that all came very quickly and organically for us, as we all love the song, I spent some time in the dressing room jamming on the solo with Prince on YouTube, sampling a few different, live
performances. I just wanted to get inside the spirit of his solos while being
myself and feeling it, not thinking it. He played it a bit differently every time too, with basic, thematic similarities. (note: live performance is available for view or download at brucespringsteen.net)

The second night, when we got to the beautiful, falsetto singing lines at the end, I added some lead lines around that while doubling some of the
singing lines as I was even more familiar with playing and singing this
gorgeous song.

Thanks Prince, we love you and miss you!

Back to earthly matters, when this wonderful E Street run wraps up, Amy
and I will turn to the business of rescheduling the solo shows we had to
cancel for this tour. We plan to honor all the gigs in the future as time and
schedules allow. We are grateful for the understanding of the club owners
and audiences that were inconvenienced by this, and have offered our
heartfelt apologies.

We're also excited that the double, Acoustic Live audiophile vinyl release has gone into a 3rd printing thanks to the audience interest. And it has just been made available in an audiophile CD format (Hybrid Stereo SACD). Also, the personally signed and numbered 10 disc box set is still available at website, along with some great T-shirts and posters Amy designed.

I'm still hoping to write a new album after tour ends, while getting back to
my beloved family and home.

God bless you all and take care of yourselves!

Peace and Believe, Nils


April 4, 2016

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all in good health and spirits. I'm celebrating my 18th Wedding Anniversary in Dallas with Amy today. (April 4th) Very grateful for Amy, family, and our life together.

The E Street shows continue to go well and the audiences have been wonderful. Still waiting on final tour dates before we can look at rescheduling my solo shows. Will keep you posted.

The double vinyl Acoustic Live is going into its 3rd printing run of a thousand albums. Very cool. Thanks for the support.

Thanks for the great support thru Twitter, Facebook, etc. it means a lot to Amy and I and is greatly appreciated.

I'll keep you posted as we tour on. Please take care of yourselves, each other and the animals on our beautiful planet with such human madness amidst the beauty and kindness. All life is precious.

Peace and Believe, Nils


Jan 27, 2016

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all in good health and spirits. I'm grateful to be with Amy as we weather the great NY Blizzard! It's crazy and most of the country is digging out now.

The first couple River tour shows went well with great audiences in
Pittsburgh and Chicago and we're all excited to play soon. Meanwhile, the River tour is being extended and I'm having to cancel my own remaining U.S. solo and duo shows. I am so sorry for the great inconvenience this causes all the kind people who have bought tickets and the great clubs who booked me to play.

We intend to reschedule all these shows when possible. My booking
agents APA, management consultant Tom Goldfogle, my wife Amy and I, all extend our apologies and will do our best to honor these shows in the future.

I've finally started writing songs again and slowly but surely have begun the process of working towards making a new album when I get the songs written. Thanks for the positive feedback on the new UK Live, Face the Music Tour CD . We feel great about it. Hats off again to Amy for insisting this gets done and producing it with me. We're proud of it and grateful so many have liked it.

Amy and I thank you all the continued support and understanding. Stay
safe this winter. We'll keep you posted.

Peace and Believe, Nils


Dec 5, 2015

Hope you're all in good health and spirits. Amy and I send our best wishes to all during this holiday season. It's always a bit crazy and we hope you all find some Peace and comfort with your families to end this year.

The recent UK, Ireland tour was wonderful for us thanks to the fabulous audiences and our amazing crew. Thank You!  I think Amy spent more time at the Merch table visiting with you before and after the show, than I did on stage!  The after show visits with us both were very meaningful and you all reminded us why we leave our home to sing, play and visit with you all. A beautiful trip. Thank you all again. We hope we may be back next Fall or Winter.

Of course, we're thrilled to be back home safe as we head into the Holidays.  Our 4 dogs are happy to have us around again!

A very unexpected E Street Band run to promote The River box set (The Ties That Bind) has led to us having to postpone the first 3 months of my solo shows next year. We apologize for the inconvenience and any disappointment to all the kind people who bought tickets and the club and theaters who invited us. We certainly intend to make up these shows as soon as schedules allow.  Thanks from us all for the understanding and patience.

The Live in the UK Face the Music Tour CD was a big hit on the tour. Big thanks again to Amy, who insisted in January we record the shows and make this CD. People at the Merch table kept asking for the current show they saw and Amy made it happen.  Thanks to all involved for the great job and to all of you for getting it to listen to. Very grateful for the end result and the positive feedback we continue to have.

I've just started writing the next solo album and hope sometime next year I'll have enough new songs to begin recording. We will keep you posted.

Some cool new T-shirts and poster by Amy are now available at website along with the box set and new live CD. Keep spreading the word on the guitar school lessons too, please.

That's it for now. Stay safe and careful on our mad, beautiful, troubled, wonderful planet. We need each other and are so grateful you are all such a positive part of our lives.

Peace and Believe,  Nils and Amy


Oct. 25 , 2015

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all in good health and spirits. Just back from a fantastic Bridge School Concert. Had a reunion with the "Goldrush Upright", the old piano I played with over 45 years ago on the After The Goldrush album.

I played my set and Neil joined me on "Believe", singing harmony and playing harmonica, beautiful ! Then he brought me out for his set to finish the night on the Goldrush Upright and the accordion. What an honor. Southern Man, Only Love Can Break Your Heart, and many more.

Enjoyed hanging with Neil and his great band, Promise of the Real. What wonderful musicians and people. Also, the other cast of musicians who lent their talents to the beautiful evening. Caught up with dear friends Pegi Young, Spooner Oldham, Tim Foster, Tim Mulligan, Elliot Roberts,so many old dear friends.

The kids, parents and teachers of the Bridge School are amazing and I got to spend time with them, too. Clay, one of the students, did a cool interview with me that I thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks to you all at the Bridge School. You are true heroes!

Anyway, home to repack and back to airport to fly to London and start our tour. Excited about all the shows.

Amy designed some cool, new T-shirts and posters and it was her idea to record and package the new Live CD from the recent January, UK tour. Thanks Amy!  It came out great and we'll have that and the Face the Music box set at the shows for you, along with other music. Amy will be there too! Starting at Cadogan Hall.

I'll be out after the shows to the Merch table to visit and sign CDs and T-shirts. Come see us, we plan to do an inspired show thanks to you, our wonderful audience. It will be cash only for the Merch so plan accordingly– we have some neat new stuff.

See you all soon and please, spread the word. 21 shows coming up and grateful to be heading your way.

Thanks to all ...

Peace and Believe,  Nils


Sept 20, 2015

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all in good health and spirits. Thanks to Danny Zelisko and The Talking Stick Casino for a great gig in Scottsdale. Best one yet. Greg Varlotta and I had a ball and my old friend and great guitarist Bobby Manriquez sat in with us on a couple of numbers. I also broke out the accordion for a reckless "Flight of the Bumblebee" which I got through thanks to audience encouragement. What a great audience of friends and long time listeners. Thanks all!! Also, our apologies to Tucson fans as the venue felt uncomfortable going on with the show. Hope to be back another time.

Hats off to the fabulous Amy L. who helped me crack the 50,000 Twitter mark! God bless you, Amy.  What a great way for us to stay in touch with music fans and spread the word on everything.

The double vinyl release of Acoustic Live is finally here. Linda has posted the link to get it at website. Really cool. Also, our Face the Music Live in the UK 2015 CD is on the way. We plan to have it at all the venues on upcoming tour in England, Ireland and Scotland and Wales. (Along with the Face the Music box set). It really came out wonderful. Again, Amy's idea to record last half of January tour for this and I'm still a bit surprised how well it turned out. Amy. Dick and Linda have put a beautiful package together. Mixed by Martin Wharton and mastered by Billy Wolf who both did a great job.

Amy's also designed some great new Tshirts and poster for this tour we will have at all the shows.

Out of the blue, I was invited to play the first night of the incredible Bridge School Benefit concerts in CA. I'll play Saturday, Oct. 24th, then rush to London to rehearse and begin our UK tour. I'd performed at a few of them years ago and am so honored to be going back, especially to share the experience with Amy.

I've finally started writing again, slowly but surely and hope to start recording a new solo album sometime next year. It's a long process for me but I'm excited it's begun.

Lot's of solo show dates being booked now for next year all over. Linda will be posting them as they get announced. Please spread the word and come see us.

Anyway, that's the latest for now. Thanks so much to all of you for the continued interest and support all these 47 years on the road!

Peace and Believe,  Nils


July 15, 2015

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all in good health and spirits.

The recent solo run just finished, I wanted to thank all in attendance for being such great audiences. Also, a big thanks to Ed Manion and Joe Gruschecky for sitting in at the Pittsburg show. It was a joy to play with them both. Thanks guys!

Now looking ahead to gigs in Scottsdale, Tucson and the UK–all with the great Greg Varlotta. Should be fun. Please come see us and spread the word.

I plan to start writing this summer and hope to start recording another solo album sometime this year. Still working on the Live UK CD and hope to have it done by the end of summer. It's really sounding good to me.

Amy and I wish you all the best and thank you all for the continued support.

Peace & Believe, Nils


June 23, 2015

Hi everyone, thanks for the many, wonderful birthday wishes! Means so much and we are grateful.

I'm excited to be organizing my first solo run of shows coming up in July.

Come see me and spread the word please~Friday, July 10th Northfield Ohio, Sat. July 11th Niagara Falls, NY, and Sunday July 12th in Pittsburgh, PA.

Also, Amy and I send our love and prayers to the victims, families and community in South Carolina. The forgiveness and grace on display there is amazing and inspiring, especially in light of their staggering loss and grief at the hands of ignorance and hate.

Peace and Believe, Nils


June 7, 2015

Hello everyone, Annapolis was Rocking!

This Monday and Tuesday at the Birchmere, shows are at 7:30 PM. Doors at 6.
Come see us! Me, Greg Varlotta and the Lofgren Brothers. Amy too!

Peace and Believe, Nils


May 22, 2015

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all in good health and spirits. Happy to be back home after
great, East Coast run of duo shows with Greg Varlotta. Thanks to all the great audiences that attended.

Amy and I also had a ball at the KACF charity dinner last weekend. Lots of friends and music with some of the Seeger Sessions Band and big fun to play and sing a few songs with Bruce. A wonderful night all around. Congrats to Thom Zimney the honoree that special night.

Getting ready now for next run of shows in June. Still plenty of seats at
Birchmere, June 8 and 9. See website schedule for details.

Also, coming back to the UK in October and November with Amy and looking so forward to another great run there.

Still working on a CD of our January UK live shows. Will keep you posted.
We're hoping to have the Wonderland album, one of my favorites,
available in CD format at the store soon. Linda will keep you posted on that.

Stay safe all and hope to see you at upcoming shows.

Peace and Believe, Nils


May 1, 2015

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all in good health and spirits. Starting a run of acoustic duo shows in the Northeast with Greg Varlotta tonight. Please come see us if you can. All the info is posted at site here.

Sadly, this week, we lost our dear friends Lenore Travis and Lyle Centola. With heavy hearts Amy and I send our love and prayers to their families and friends. They number many. They will be dearly missed and their spirits will live on with us all.

Take care of yourselves out there and embrace the day and your loved ones.

Peace and Believe, Nils


Feb. 16, 2015

Hello everyone, hope you're all in good health and spirits.

Back home after a wonderful UK run of shows in January. What an amazing experience for Amy and I and our team there. We loved it. A huge thanks to everyone who made it to the shows. Really meant a lot.
We are working on a possible return trip in November to the UK and will
keep you posted.

Meanwhile, I'll be at the Birchmere, Alexandria, VA and Rams Head,
Annapolis, MD
2 nights each, in June with my acoustic show. Dates are
now posted. Also, working on some May dates in the Northeast and hope to have some details soon for you.

There are plans underway now to release "Acoustic Live" as a double, vinyl album and a re-release of the first "Fat Man" solo album on CD. I'm participating in both and we'll keep you posted.

Mild here in AZ but winter is slamming the country! Please everyone, stay
warm, safe and take care of yourselves and each other.

Thanks to all for spreading the word on all the music and shows.
We'll be in touch.

Peace and Believe - Nils


Dec. 17, 2014

Hello Everyone,

Hope you're all in good health and spirits. Amy and I wish you all a safe, peaceful Holiday and New Year.

Of course, we are preparing for our 16 city UK tour in January and very excited to start the new year with a run like this in England. Plenty of tickets left and we'd love to see as many of you as possible there.

Our 10 disc, 189 tracks, 45 year box set retrospective, "Face the Music", is available here at website which includes a bonus pin of cover shot from Amy. Also, a 136 page booklet, telling the story. I wrote it and my dear friend Dave Marsh edited it with me. We're all proud of it and appreciate you all continuing to spread the word for us.

Just participated last weekend in Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding, a long time , annual charity event by Alice, Cheryl and family, it was big fun. I played in a great, jam band with Jonny Lang, Joe Lynn Turner, Jack Blades, Andrew Johns and Glen Sobel. Everyone was great to work with and, as a long time fan, finally playing with Jonny and this gang was a highlight for me. A long, beautiful night of music, charity and camaraderie. Hats off to all crew, production, participants and the great audience who turned out.

I'm hoping to play more of my own shows in the States next year. We'll keep you posted. Also, after returning from England, I expect to be tired and inspired, I'll begin writing and working toward another solo recording project as I continue to promote the box set.

Thanks to you all for the continued support and interest. It means the world to us and we are grateful. Best and love from me and Amy to you all.

Peace and Believe,  Nils

PS-Please check out my 3 Christmas songs. Done for local AZ UCP charity years ago. Happy, Peaceful Holidays.


Nov. 1, 2014

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all in good health and spirits. We now have more box sets and are filling the back orders every day. The new batch still all have the Flip sketch, personally numbered and autographed by me.

Amy also made a great "Face the Music" can opener which is now available at the store to check out.

I had a ball doing my first 4 solo shows in a few years with Greg  Varlotta. The audiences were great and much appreciated.

Now preparing for a 16 city run in England in January. Hopeful Amy will make it. Excited to finally get back to the UK to play.

Planning a NY trip to make up the radio shows I missed with Dave Marsh, WFUV, SVZ, Mad Dog, etc. in November.

Thanks to all for spreading the word, especially on the Box Set. Really happy how it came out.

Amy and I continue to be grateful for the many kind comments, observations  and insights on the entire box set from all of you.  Realizing so many of you have noticed the detail and care that went into every aspect, the story, the music, the photos and ephemera, (thanks Steve Smolen) the concept and packaging; this means so very much to us and everyone involved at Fantasy, Linda and Dick Bangham, the entire team thanks you for your keen eyes and ears and spreading the word for us.

Hopefully, more listeners will continue to become aware of this work.

Come see us in the UK! 

Peace and Believe,  Nils

check out new youtube video "You In My Arms"!


Aug 14, 2014

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all in good health and spirits.

Well, the 10 disc, 45 year box set retrospective of my recordings Face the Music is finally out on Fantasy Records and I'm thrilled.

I played and talked for a couple of hours on the release date last Tuesday, August 5th, at the Grammy Museum in L.A.  It was a lot of fun. Jamming with my old friends at the Conan show was great, too. Conan's a good guitar player and a great, music lover.

We're almost out of the initial run and are now in the process of ordering more units. They will all still include a personally numbered and signed card with a beautiful "flip" sketch by Melanie Corradi, one of our favorite artists. I've got a lot of signing to do! Also, orders through our website will continue to include a special "Face the Music" pin gift, courtesy of Amy. Thanks to everyone for your support and interest spreading the word.

And a huge thanks to Amy Lofgren, Omar and Maria Ojeda, Billy Wolf, Dick and Linda Bangham and everyone at Fantasy/Concord Records who spent 18 months putting this compilation together with care and love. What a gift for me to assemble so many songs that have been largely out of print for so long and share them with you. Please keep spreading the word!

I'm also excited about my first solo shows in 3 years coming up. The great Greg Varlotta will join me again to perform at;

Vinyl, Hard Rock Casino in Vegas, Sept. 26, 28. Friday and Sunday.

Oct. 3, Friday at Talking Stick Casino in Scottsdale, and Oct. 4, Sat., at the Fox Theater in Tuscon.

Please spread the word and come and see us. We intend to do a special show for you all.

Then, in January, we'll be doing 16 shows in England. One night will be Glasgow in Scotland.

I certainly hope if that goes well, we can get back later in the year to Ireland, Wales, and other cities there. Sorry we couldn't get more in this trip but please come and see us.

 As always, I do plan to sign CDs and shirts after every show. We have requested the venues keep the pub open! Hope they listen. I'm also hopeful the beautiful, informative and entertaining Amy Lofgren will be there with us. Amy's now designing some Face the Music T-shirts for women and men, Stay tuned...

Lot's of info on all this here at website. Thank you all, again, for your continued help in spreading the word about the music and shows.

Peace and Believe, Nils

Nils' videotaped a bit of the UK fall '05 tour--
thanks to guitar tech Roy Witte -- here's two installments!



(your browser must support Quicktime to view)

Follow the link to a few pages of
Chord Charts written by Nils
in response to some of the Digest requests!

Click on this link to view an illustration
of Nil's current Guitar Rig set up
courtesy of Guitar Tech Roy Witte

Nils and Steven Van Zandt with Paul Rodgers,
founder of of "Bad Company" and formerly "Free"
while touring in Canada (above)

For info on Paul visit his website:




   Now on to a musical project to share with you. I've had this idea for a few years and have finally gotten around to trying it.  Let me attempt to explain it. Over the last 42 years, I've been involved with many different musical productions for TV , video, and film. Traditionally and appropriately there is always a great degree of organization, rehearsal, preparation and pre-production detail that goes into these endeavors. All of us continue to enjoy a well crafted live, musical performance on TV, video, film, etc.. During the rehearsals for these musical productions there are inevitable breaks and down time while technical issues are sorted out. Often these require the musicians to stay put on the set, instruments in hand and wait. Occasionally one of the players will start a cool, off the cuff riff and others will join in, in an impromptu  jam session that can be quite inspired. Of course, the audience never hears or sees this. Not burdened with arrangements, beginnings, ends or any type of required structure, these jams can be inspired, free, reckless and fun. A few years ago I was in a fantastic band that Patti Scialfa had put together to do some live TV show performances. We were promoting a great album of Patti's songs that we had recorded with her. I was playing some B-3 organ which was big fun for me. Along with Steve Jordan, Willie Weeks, Mark Stewart and Cliff Carter, all fabulous musicians, we seemed to be quietly jamming a lot on TV sets while waiting for the next run-through. I was thrilled to be a part of such impromptu, special musical moments and it reminded me of many other moments like these, gone un-recorded and never shared.  I kept thinking in the back of my mind that music fans would enjoy seeing this kind of interaction amongst great players. 

       So I started planning the "Blind Date Jam" sessions in the back of my mind.  Where players get together with no rehearsal, no plan, no pre-production, and challenge themselves to jam on the spot and rely on years of musical experience and instinct to create something special.  Just show up with your instruments, no plan but to improvise inspired music with friends for a couple hours, play free with no rules but to be your creative self, enjoy and express your musical gifts and go home. Not all musicians are comfortable with that type of jamming but I know many who are, including me.

     So, I finally got it together to start this "Blind Date Jam" project out in our home garage studio in Arizona. I did some demos years ago with Mike Smith who is an extraordinary musician and has remained a good friend. Mike's pedal steel playing is magnificent. During these old demo sessions I had challenged some local players to learn and play some new songs quickly (which they all did well)  and it seemed like Mike might enjoy the "Blind Date Jam" format. We discussed it in advance of course and he seemed open and excited about it. The "no homework or rehearsal" aspect of it is bound to appeal to almost any musician, myself included! Anyway, I put a team of friends together to do a basic home recording and video taping of two impromptu hours of jamming with Mike. Jamie Weddle and John Ramirez handled the recording and Tony Hartman did a three camera shoot and the digital editing to put it all together with Jamie's mixes. I bounce between acoustic, piano, electric and singing while Mike jams along on his pedal steel.  I had hoped to get 40 to 50 minutes of inspired playing and interaction to present to you, the audience.  Turns out we got an hour and 20 minutes of what I think is inspired, impromptu musical jamming that represents the concept as I've explained it.

      You'll see me presenting ideas on the spot to Mike, talking through the chords briefly and launching in to each piece. It's primitive, rough and inspired jamming that I feel and hope you as music fans will enjoy. I hope some of you decide to check it out. I'm very proud of this first, "Blind Date Jam" session and hope it leads to more of them. If you try it and enjoy it, please spread the word for us as this is an extremely grass roots, homegrown endeavor.  Thanks again to Mike Smith, Tony Hartman, Jamie Weddle, John Ramirez and Dick and Linda Bangham for their great help in getting this idea from my musical mind to our website to share.


         Peace and Believe. -  Nils  

The 'TRIBUTE TO NILS LOFGREN' DVD is available to order at www.bandhousegigs.com

The Tribute to Nils was an unforgettable concert held at Strathmore, on August 22, 2004, and was attended by more than 5,000 fans. The DVD runs about 3 & 1/2 hours & features an 11 song (full band) set from Nils and includes the long awaited Grin reunion with Bob Berberich and Tom Lofgren along with Bob Gordons son, Billy on bass. There are terrific performances from Mary Ann Redmond, Tommy Lepson, Tommy Keene, Martha Hull, The Lofgren Brothers, Bobby Manriquez, Eric Ambel, Tom Lofgren,Tom Miller, Julie Sanderson, Bob Berberich, Rocky Roberts and Eric Brace all backed by various Nils band mates including Buck Brown, Timm Biery, Jeffrey "Skunk" Baxter, Mike Zack, Louie Newmyer, Chuck Sullivan, and myself. The show also featured one of the final performances by the late, great Wade Matthews.

At Nils request, dvd sales proceeds (after production expenses) will be donated to Hungry For Music, a wonderful D.C. based 501C organization that donates instruments and provides music education programs to children and schools that cannot afford them. It is a very worthy cause, near and dear to Nils and all of the performers who have agreed to its support, via dvd sales. We are forever grateful to all of the musicians for theirkindness & generosity

The show was filmed by John Collins and Happy Medium Productions, mixed by Tom Lofgren and recorded on 24 tracks by John Penovich.

Boomer, Jeremy and the rest of Nils crew made the whole show possible by donating their time and expertise to allow us to produce such a complicated show with band lineups changing on virtually every song.

The dvd, like the show, reflects the tremendous love and respect that performers and fans alike, have for Nils and his music. We are very pleased and proud to finally have this show on dvd and hope everyone will have as much fun seeing it as we had putting it together.

Ronnie Newmyer & BANDHOUSE GIGS